earthquake damage with the invitation to search your home for hazards that could fall over in an earthquake

What do you do while staying at home? Earthquake-proof your stuff, of course.

Jackie Dewolfe Preparedness

While many Utahns are following Gov. Gary Herbert’s Stay Safe/Stay Home Directive or their local health department order, they might be looking for good activities to complete around the home.

Why not let the recent Magna earthquake motivate you to make your home safer for the next earthquake?

There are a few simple steps you can take. Thanks to Rosie Nguyen at ABC4 for demonstrating what to do.

What can you do now?

  • Look for books, potted plants, and heavy objects that could fall and injure you during an earthquake. 
  • Move them somewhere else, or secure them.
  • Heavy objects, such as TVs and top-heavy furniture may be a threat.  Determine how they can be secured.  If they cannot be secured, be ready to move away from them in an earthquake.

Go on a home hazard hunt with this handy guide from Be Ready Utah. Look for other guides at

Joe Dougherty is the public information officer for the Utah Division of Emergency Management.